Lisette Baron was born in New Orleans and moved to Lafayette, Louisiana when she was five. After high school she taught ballroom dancing for a year, then moved to Baton Rouge to go to Louisiana State University, (LSU).

Her education includes studies in Cortona, Italy through the University of Georgia in Athens and a BFA from LSU in ceramic sculpture.  After graduation she moved to NYC and worked at the Guggenheim Museum for 15 years. During these 15 years she continued to make art. She began to collaborate with her husband, Joe Adams who has an MFA in ceramic sculpture. Their collaborative art was made under the name “Mr. and Mrs. Adams” and they were in many shows together. Because Lisette wanted their sculptures to have a more painterly quality, she began to turn her focus to painting. When she decided to start making her individual work again, she continued with mainly with her two dimensional focus.

Lisette and Joe returned to Louisiana early 2001 and moved to New Orleans. Lisette decided to reinvent herself when she moved. She had  always loved New Orleans architecture in particular, and she decided to design and build houses. Her design emphasis was to make new construction that fit the style of the surrounding buildings, but have the interiors designed for a modern lifestyle. Her other design projects include interior spaces and building additions for others, furniture, stained glass windows, tile designs in kitchens and bathrooms, water fountains, gardens, gates and fences, lighting fixtures, color consultations, faux finishing, collage sculptures, paintings, company logos and signs, tee shirts, jewelry, and even dog costumes.

She is presently  showing her mandala prints at Red Gallery on Magazine St. New Orleans, Candler Gift Shop in Savannah, Ga., and Wild Birds Unlimited franchise in Lafayette, La.

Her Mandala images can also be seen on
Artist statement
Late 2008, I got a Wacom tablet and pen to hook up to my computer. Since then, I have been making paintings on my computer. It’s been really great on a lot of levels. There’s no “approach avoidance’ ever because I can start, stop and save instantly. My paint never dries out which is important to me because I like the wet on wet look. No setting up, cleaning up mess, or having to start a project over from scratch. I can always save, crop, cut and paste changes. I print these paintings on archival paper or canvas, with an archival 6-8-ink process.

My inspiration comes from the details of animal and nature forms, biology, psychology, religious iconography, and emotions. My philosophy about good art is that it should catch your eye, draw you in, and compel you to keep looking at it even if you don’t want to. It should provoke feeling and thought that transcends the sum of its parts.

Lisette Baron