Design work by Lisette Baron
My inspiration came from marveling at the complexity and variety of shapes and colors of finches from around the world. I felt the need to make something with the images that would force having the beauty of the birds looked at in a different way.

I began by making photocopies of  finch, cutting them apart then playing with the disassembled pieces. The bird parts quickly evolved into mandalas – a form that I’ve always admired it’s spiritual use of. After reassembling the bird parts I would glue them onto paper and then color back on top of the image with colored pencils and give them a background.

I now do the collages on my computer. I load the image, disassemble, reassemble and color back on top of the images all on my computer with my pen tablet. I paint over every inch of the image to obliterate the original image. I still end up spending 20-30 hours on each image, but I think that the end result is better. Because I can now enlarge the images, I can apply much more detail than before.
Are usually printed to an 8" x 8" size and framed in a 12" square frame
Are printed one at a time on archival paper with an archival 6 - 8 color ink process

Print edges are decorated with a hand torn deckled edge
Special order prints can be printed larger and/or on canvas

please click on images to see the enlargements